Garden (Live) - NEW

origin story

Recorded between 2013 – 2015, Garden (Live) is a 12-song album featuring original early recordings of the songs from Garden, our 5th studio album.

These tracks were written during our live worship gatherings in Knoxville over the course of three years as we gathered weekly to worship as a community. They are the early, not-quite-complete versions, the spontaneous origins, of the Garden songs.

Many of you have requested that we release both the live and raw alongside the studio versions. The material feels relevant and meaningful to us so we went for it. We also included 3 extra tracks that felt similarly important. We hope you enjoy these vulnerable recordings.


  1. Garden - lyrics, chords

  2. Rest Upon Us - lyrics, chords

  3. Heart Is My Home - lyrics, chords

  4. Take Emptiness Away - lyrics, chords

  5. I Will Abide - lyrics, chords

  6. One and Only - lyrics, chords

  7. Divinely Beautiful - lyrics, chords

  8. Holy - lyrics, chords

  9. All My Love - lyrics, chords

  10. Be Still My Soul*

  11. Not My Own*

  12. Your Mercy Reigns*

*Bonus tracks, chords and lyrics coming soon

Special Thanks

These songs don’t exist because we decided to sit down and write them but only because our community floundered collectively until we had words that made sense for the moment. These songs are prayers, they are reminders, they are intercession for ourselves and for each other. A huge thank you goes to everyone who showed up, participated and contributed their voice. These songs are for you, they are for our families, they are for those moments when we need to remember a little bit of deep truth. Our gratitude, respect and love is with each of you.

Many of these gatherings from 2014-2015 are available to watch and listen to in our live streaming archive. Check them out!


Will Reagan - vocals

Andrea Marie Reagan - vocals

Brock Human - electric guitar, vocals,

Nathan Fray - drums

Michael Carr - drums

John Fletcher - bass

Produced by Will Reagan

Artwork by Michael Carr