Why we've decided to release some of our most rough recordings

‌Since 2013 we haven’t been able to get over the original raw (and mostly spontaneous) recordings that inspired the studio album GardenThese songs have circulated in our community for years. They've become little bits of our history albeit unbeknownst to most of our listeners. Our Monthly EP subscribers helped us see this as they celebrated and encouraged us to share these with the rest of our world. These are again our fishes and loaves that we hope will become more than just songs but journeys into the Presence, into Love, and into more clearer seeing.

We picked 12 songs for this release, all 9 of the original "Garden songs," plus 3 new ones that we liked. All the songs will be out tomorrow.

We’re excited about these versions. They’re pretty vulnerable and rough, but they feel right. The timing feels right and we're excited to share them with you.

These songs don’t exist because we decided to sit down and write them but only because our community floundered collectively until we had words that made sense for the moment. These songs are prayers, they are reminders, they are intercession for ourselves and for each other. A huge thank you goes to everyone who showed up, participated and contributed their voice. These songs are for you, they are for our families, they are for those moments when we need to remember a little bit of deep truth. Our gratitude, respect and love is with each of you.

Take a listen to the album

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Be Still My Soul, out today

As promised, today we have a live 3 track EP out. These songs are part of a 12 track collection that will be released fully on November 30th as Garden (Live). They are the original early recordings of the choruses and spontaneous melodies that became the studio version of Garden. We love these raw, sort of unfinished versions and felt that it was important to release them.

Something New Coming Nov 9th

Artwork for our upcoming 3 song ep, be still my soul

Artwork for our upcoming 3 song ep, be still my soul

We have a live project coming out this month! On Nov 9th we’ll start with a 3 song teaser EP, out on Spotify, Apple Music and elsewhere. These live tracks are what we call the ‘spontaneous origins’ of our last album Garden. More to come, but keep your eyes peeled for first a 3 song EP and then a 12 song live album a few weeks after. Track list for the EP includes live versions of: Be Still My Soul, All My Love, One and Only.

Mystery Album: FOUND

You may have noticed a new album pop up on our Spotify or Apple Music artist profile.. So we thought we'd ask, wondering where the new mystery album "Found" came from?

Some of you already know this but Found was a project we released in 2011 under the artist name "Iris Ministries / United Pursuit" for that reason it was difficult to find (no pun intended) and had a very small circulation with our listeners. Those who did find it shared their love for it and convinced us to finally re-release it under our regular artist name. Although this is not NEW music, it has found a new audience. We hope you enjoy it!

Garden Lyric Videos (collection)

Video 9 of 9 – We're putting together 9 unique lyric videos to accompany the release of Garden, our new album available now

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Since there are many videos coming out, we'll collect them all here in one place and update this post to make sure you can find them all. 

Michael Ketterer Gets Golden Buzzer on America's Got Talent

We're excited to share this video of Michael Ketterer on America's Got Talent! So proud of you Michael! 

From AGT: 

"The pediatric mental health nurse from East Tennessee currently resides in Orange County, CA with his wife and six kids. Watch his dreams come true as Simon Cowell gives him the golden buzzer." – AGT YouTube Channel