Garden (pre-order now)

  Garden – artwork by  @dreamrootvisuals

Garden – artwork by @dreamrootvisuals

Available to stream everywhere June 22

"Each track becomes a simple invitation to look. A one word prayer to call your gaze. Not just a passive act of simply observing but a call to recognize and appreciate the depth of the moment. The one thing we share with all of creation and Christ: an eternal now. Our hope is that each song becomes a doorway to an effortless contemplation, a meditation and a reminder of your irrevocable belonging"  – United Pursuit




Will Reagan - vocals

Brock Human - electric guitar, vocals, drums, programming, synths

Isaac Meyer - guitar layering

Produced by Brock Human

Artwork by Dreamroot Visuals (instagram, facebook)

Art direction by Michael Carr

Mastered at The Mastering Palace in New York City


  1. Garden  - lyrics
  2. Rest  - lyrics
  3. Home - lyrics
  4. Emptiness  - lyrics
  5. Abide  - lyrics
  6. One  - lyrics
  7. Beautiful - lyrics
  8. Holy  - lyrics
  9. Love  - lyrics