The Monthly EP

Monthly music from our live worship gatherings


What is it?

  • 🎶   A new 3 song mini-album each month drawn from our live worship gatherings
  • 📬   A subscription where we send you a link to stream and download the new music each month
  • 🔥   Stream all 43 previous volumes on your phone or laptop, take a peek at the back catalog to see what we mean
  • 💸   $4/mo, start or stop anytime you want
  • 😻   +it keeps our artist bellies full and our creative habits sustainable 

Listen to some samples:

More info

Did you know that for over 2 years we've released new music every month? These EPs (short 3 song mini-albums) are drawn from our favorite worship moments with our community at home and while on the road. These songs have never seen the likes of iTunes, Spotify or even YouTube and we plan to keep it that way. Why? Because these raw, live worship moments feel like they're most special when we share them with just a few of you.

If you want, you can jump on board and get these EPs too. When you signup we'll send you this month's EP as well as add you to the monthly release email. Get started here »

Here's what some of you have been saying, thanks for the love, it makes us blush ☺️

Some of the most unique and best composed meditative and worshipful music I’ve heard in a long time. I love what United Pursuit does.
Drew Fajen
thank you .. i love it.. simple and back to roots.
Dorothea Schulz
your lyrics change lives, thanks for all you do
Andrea Rojo
Amos Tan
Thank you..Thank you..these songs strengthen me always..songs from the heart..leads me to His face..thank you so much
andrew borja