What is the "monthly EP" you keep talking about?

In a nutshell? It's a small collection of music we release monthly to a small group of folks who appreciate it. 

Does it cost? It does. We've created a monthly reward model around the EPs where $5/mo gets you access to all EPs and a load of other on-demand content. Learn about supporter's rewards at Patreon.com »

Streaming first: We know, we know, the download is a dying art. (What is an 'MP3' anyway?) Starting immediately, we are pushing all the EPs past, present and future to Soundcloud, they make an great music player that's compatible with iOS and Android. 

But I want my downloads! We understand some people like downloads so we still provide them as high-quality 320kbps MP3s. You can also go back and purchase past Mp3 version if you want, (or just stream them at no cost with your subscription)

Still confused? Seriously it's no problem, hit the little chat icon in the bottom right of the screen., Chat with us, we'd love to help out. 

If you'd like to know more about Patreon and what sorts of reward levels we provide, hit this big button:


Still not convinced? Take a listen:

(These are a few singles from the full collection)