Supreme Desire

Small desires, big desires, faint desires, deep desires…we have hidden desires, some have bold desires. And we dark desires. No matter what the state of our desires is, there will always be one to trump them all. It’s the desire of God the Father to give His son a pure and spotless bride. This bride will be glorious, fit for the King’s son. The long road to beauty is where we find our earth; it’s where you and I are right now. Everything single part of our lives finds it’s meaning by God’s supreme desire. Jesus is looking for those to respond to His perfect invitation of love. He is not looking for perfection. You see, if you respond, His Spirit will come. He will dive deep into your very core, changing you from within. This is the journey to our wedding day. God will find a bride for His Son. This is the story of planet earth. The question I hear God asking us today is are we striving to make our own story on the earth, or are we joining the story we were created for?