Sift and Dig

A brother is a true brother when he digs for the gold inside of another. He diligently sifts through the rocks, dirt, and the all around rubbish for the hidden gold on the inside. He never gives up. He doesn’t back away when he comes up empty. He keeps trying, month after month, year after year. And when he finds the gold, he does what Jesus would do. He hands it right back over and says, “This is what I’ve found in you. This is the gift of God inside of you. This is what I see. This is what I know.”

A sister is a true sister when she digs for good soil in another. If she finds toxic soil, she keeps digging. It doesn’t scare her. If she finds dry and barren ground, she brings her sister water for her soil, words of life, and the water sees fruit grow from the good soil of commitment and pursuit. Toxic soil isn’t to be so scary we run the other way. The Holy Spirit is the master gardener, and is asking if you would be the rookie apprentice. We have much to learn, but the Holy Spirit is ready to teach.

“May your love still abound yet more and more in knowledge and all discernment.”  - Philippians 1:9

A part of being a real community is that we see the “stuff” in others. This is all part of God’s healing plan, because through relationship and the gift of trust and acceptance, we can help see the hearts of others healed. We will never know the joys of community if we see the crap in each other’s lives and we run away. No, Jesus calls us to sift for the gold and dig for the good soil.This is what I think it means for love to abound all the more in knowledge and discernment. When we pursue true community, we will see stuff that’s hard and painful. We will have intimate knowledge of each other’s fears, insecurities, and sin. But this is our crossroads, a place where this knowledge can either cause offense and the withholding of love, or it will cause love to abound all the more.

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” 1st Peter 4:8

Well said Peter. And here the healing continues. Here is the joy of relationship.

Today I experienced a brother digging for the good soil in me. And breaking through the toxic soil brings out some of my greatest fears. Things I’m embarrassed of are in me. This flares up when the pick ax breaks through my hard ground. But then my brother accepts me even still. He doesn’t run away. He actually runs into the scary places with me. This is family. Family runs with you to fear’s edge, and jumps off with you, knowing God will catch us both.

Come on Jesus, we believe you for a family revolution to break in into our broken and wounded relationships! For the Church to walk as a family together. Life to life. Home to home. For the world that’s known no family to find one carrying the name our Father and to be invited in. Amen!