RE17 sessions are now streaming!

At Reunion '17 we had the honor hosting so many of our favorite thought leaders and teachers. We're excited to share many of those talks with you today. This includes many of the main speakers and breakout sessions. Also take a look at our landing page for RE18– here you'll find a showcase of the sessions and a spot to jump on the Reunion '18 waitlist.

Here are a few of the highlights from this year. Be sure to check out the Reunion YouTube channel for the full collection!


Heidi told tons of stories at Reunion this year, here's a fun one! They never fail to inspire and show off Jesus' love for every single person. Watch Heidi's full session on YouTube

Christa's talks were incredibly powerful and vulnerable. Go check out all her sessions on YouTube, but for now here's a clip where she walks us through a beautifully simple meditation, calling us to get in touch with the Holy Spirit within. Enjoy her loving approach as she guides you through this centering prayer! Watch Christa's full session on YouTube

Who enjoyed Father Richard Rohr's cameo at RE17?? We had the pleasure of meeting with Richard just before the event and he graciously lent us these deep words of wisdom. Watch this new clip we just added from Fr. Richard on Contemplative Prayer

This session was 🔥🔥🔥 This clip captures a few final comments from the panelists of the "Christianity and Softcore Racism" breakout session. Watch the full session on YouTube

Malcolm has helped us set the tone for Reunion in so many ways. His understanding of the Priesthood and what it means to be a collaborative community of Priests where every person has a voice has been invaluable in our understanding of what Kingdom means.  Watch the full talk from Malcolm on YouTube

There's so much content to share, here are a few other highlights, most of the content is on YouTube so check out the Reunion channel for the full collection.

Michael Ketterer shares his family's story into foster care and the adoption of their 5 kids. 

In an age of social media newsfeeds that are more like echo chambers, pastor and activist Jonathan Martin paints an alternative: elevating a conversation out of black and white, us vs. them type of thinking.

See you next year on the farm

What were some of your highlights of RE17? Let us know in the comments!