Masi Family

Funny story. We heard about a guy who got his ipod stolen the other week. He was super bummed for sure. His friend who knew his ipod was stolen was walking down the streets of the Masi township, when he heard a guy riding his bike singing out loud Will’s song Climb. Pretty hilarious.
“I give it all to You God trusting…”

Masi is a poorer area, and ipods aren’t exactly common. Then to hear him singing worship songs from a stolen ipod. Redemption?

We hope its part of his journey to Jesus.

We had a great time hanging out with a YWAM crew here, worshipping in a rented house in the township in Masi, talking about what God is doing all around the world. Love meeting people with the same DNA. Same tribe.


Tonight is a worship gathering at a church called the Bay Community. Really excited for all that Jesus has in store!
See you there.