"Here Begin" Video Teaser

Little teaser for you…Andrea Marie’s album releases Dec. 10th on iTunes!
And if you’re in the Knoxville, TN area, she’s having an album release show.
Here’s the venue/time info – http://tiny.cc/022ko, Help us spread the word!

Here’s an excerpt from a conversation with Andrea talking about the album…

“This album has set me on a journey of finding myself, and what’s inside.” All thirteen tracks are songs that I wrote from the age of sixteen till now. I feel as though they capture some very significant moments in my life. Some were written at uncertain moments of life, some at very defining moments- like the weeks right before and surrounding my wedding. A few were even written while in the studio during the recording process, which i think speaks a lot about the dynamics of the music. So, I look at the album as a whole, as an extended story and expression of those years.  

 Recording music and producing something for the world to hear is like uncovering an outer layer of yourself and inspecting it with a magnifying glass. I believe, in the end, the finished album is the result of what you found there. It causes you to be extremely vulnerable and transparent- whether you want to be or not. I know God used it for the bettering and furthering of myself, though. I’m moving forward in finding out who I am on a personal level, who this Creator is inside of me, and then how those things work and move together. Because of that, I’ve found that all the uncovering and transparency in this process has been absolutely worth it.

But over all, no matter how actively involved I am with performing or writing new material, my dream is that this music would be a reflection of the hope of Jesus Christ and his love for the world he created. God is real. My desire is to put a soundtrack to the life that he gives to us here on earth.”