Andrea Marie + Here Begin = HAPPY YOU

The Backstory
Sometime in late 2008, I (Nathan) was in Chicago at a church worship event, and I heard a girl named Andrea sing for the first time. Her effortless guitar playing blew me away. Then add smooth and angelic vocals to the mix. And did i mention anointed? I was hooked. I remember thinking, “We’ve got to figure out a way for her to join us.” So I did what any smart guy would do. I gave her our EP. Now for few who could appreciate this, lets just say the old EP wasn’t the prettiest to look at. We learned the hard way that certain colors on Photoshop don’t quite look the same once printed. So I reluctantly handed her this dark-green-but-almost-black looking cd and said she should take a listen sometime.

Fast forward a few months. The details are a bit vague in my memory (Will should know them), but I ended up seeing Andrea in Kansas City over the New Year and invited her to record with us on our next album (Radiance). She said yes. Success. So sometime in early 2009, we tracked a song with her in the Banks House Studio. Recording is quite the bonding experience, and we were all sold on Andrea being part of our community. Especially Will. He was more than sold. Now its his story to tell, but lets just say some magic happened, and sure enough, Andrea eventually became a Reagan. (For all the females that want the details, you’re gonna have to hear them from the source)

Recording Process 
Once married, Andrea and Will tucked away into the studio and started working on Andrea’s solo album. 6 months later they’ve emerged with a masterpiece.  The core of the album centers around a grand piano in the Reagan’s living room, an acoustic guitar, and the stories of Andrea’s life told through soaring melodies and poignant lyrics. This album wants to be listened to from start to finish. Then again.

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