30 Day Freefall

30 days or bust.”
“All or nothing.”

It has to be this way…30 days to raise $100,000, and if we fall short, nothing happens. To dream, especially publically, involves risk because it’s hoping and planning for a future with no guarantee of certainty, except this time, if we fail everyone will see it. To accomplish our goal of $100,000 in 30 days, we know there’s only one way.
To stare risk in the face and jump.
(its at http://www.indiegogo.com/bankshouse2 in case you haven’t seen it)

When we were children, dreaming wasn’t scary.
It was really the only thing we knew how to do.
Remember dreaming with no rules or limits?
Remember the little kid in you that could be anything you wanted to be when you grow up?

Hello tension.
It feels like a war going on inside us.
Kid vs. Grown Up, coming to you live on indiegogo.com“Hello world, we have a dream of converting a warehouse into a space for our generation to gather to worship Jesus. We need to raise a lot of money in a not many days.”

We feel like kids with a big dream, and can’t imagine our Father not wanting to make our dream happen. But then again, we’re grown up now, and we’ve all experience disappointment, missed expectations, failed dreams, mistakes, and pain.
The tension is scary.

Yesterday we jumped.
Now we have a 30 day freefall. Everything is in slow motion. In the air I turn my head and see a crowd of people watching. Some are mouthing the word “don’t jump.” Some are watching, wondering what will happen. Some are wondering why we’re jumping in the first place…what could possibly be below worth jumping for?
But I’ve already jumped. Its too late to turn back.
I’m not jumping alone though. Our whole community is jumping with us because of what we see when we close our eyes…something beautiful that’s worth jumping for. Something the crowd hasn’t seen. Yet.
And within the first 24 hours, many of you have already joined us in the air.

So for us, 30 days to $100,000 is jumping off a cliff, leaping for a future that we feel beating in our hearts. Its more then a building. It’s our passion to help make space for our generation to discover and experience the goodness and love of God all over again.

The math feels like a formidable opponent.
Yes, we raised $4,000 in the first 24 hours, but we need to do that for 29 more days. Yikes. Unfriendly voices in our head are saying there are sharp rocks at the bottom. We are choosing not to listen…instead, to believe in what we’ve seen.

We’re asking you to pray and see if this dream is a God idea, not ours.
And if the answer is yes, to jump with us…to jump believing what’s below is better than where we are now. To NOT base this decision around probability, but around the possibility of what could happen if we all jumped together.
Today, jumping means bringing your financial pledge to the table, and to share this dream with your world.

Anyone can look at the amount raised, and see how many days we have left, and think, “the odds don’t look to good, better wait and see.”
Welcome to the crowd.

Or you could jump with us, feeling the freedom of leaping for something bigger than ourselves. Something that takes God to see an impossibility bend. 
Let the kid inside win.

What if a movement grew out of this one dream?
A movement of reclaiming empty, unused space and re-purposing it for the Kingdom of God. Not just in Knoxville, but in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Cape Town, London, Sydney, and beyond. Reclaiming space for the people of God to live and breathe as they family of God, inviting the lonely and orphan home.
Warehouses, homes, offices, empty lots…the world says we’re in recession, and space is costly. The Kingdom of God is never in recession though. It’s always on the move, making space for the hungry and thirsty to come inside and rest.

Let the freefalling continue.
Kid vs. Grown Up, Live from Indiegogo.com will continue airing for 29 more days. 
You can watch, or you can jump with us.

Finding the kid inside,

p.s – jumping is more fun.