With a bunch of cameras, cables, computers, and a whole lot of techie magic (thanks Michael), we launched our bootstrapped streaming rig into the wild seas to share our worship nights from Fifth Ave House with anyone who might tune in. We typically stream the first Tuesday of each month + special nights while we're on the road- we host and share all of our archives on our site for free.

Ever since our first album, the Internet (and the likes of MySpace!) has been the highway for the music and the connecting point for a broader community of worshipers. Live streaming is our way of responding to that community. We've always wanted to share in real-time what was happening through the worship, and that's why we recorded music in the first place. But releasing an album every two years doesn't quite make the cut, too much happens in two years! When we realized we could go live and invite anyone it was only a matter of time before we figured out how to make it happen. If you wanna join us live for raw, unedited worship, tune into the stream next time we're live!