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KNoxville worship Gatherings

Last updated: 2/28/19

Dates due to change without notice!


upcoming gatherings

  • May 2019 – TBA

  • April 2019 – TBA

  • March 2019 – No Gathering

  • February 2019 – No Gathering, winter break

  • January 2019 –  No Gathering, winter break

Want to help?

Our Knoxville gatherings are free and open to all! If you'd like to give toward the cost of hiring the venue and producing these nights you can give* directly through one of these: 


This is our official status page for local worship gatherings in Knoxville, TN. We typically give a 1 week notice before we announce local worship gatherings so bookmark and check back here before coming out! We are committed to updating this page on a regular basis to ensure accuracy.


*donations are not tax-deductible