In the fall of 2010, we gathered together in our living room, invited all our friends, and pushed record over a 2-day weekend. The idea was to capture the simple choruses from the past few years and share them with our growing community as a reminder of what God was doing. It was a beautiful mess. With no sound system or monitoring, it was a miracle we even played in time. But the essence of the songs and the testimony of the season was forever transcribed to a hard drive.

Photo collection from the night we recorded Live at the Banks House:

To our surprise, the songs released from that weekend grew wings and took flight, making their way around the world one community at a time. This album was truly our “Fishes & Loaves” offering, and we recognized it was God who did the multiplying.

You could say we’re a band, collective, or whatever, but the point is we’re friends who love worshiping our Creator together.

The way-way back machine. The early years.

Music has always been our way of connecting with God and each other. As we've grown as artists we've been able to explore different sounds and different ideas. Each of us seems to bring something a little different to the table, requiring us to support one another. In addition to Will's records, we've been able to get behind the projects of Andrea Marie, Brock Human, and Michael Ketterer