Legal things to protect our booties 🙄

United Pursuit Live Stream, a digital content service of United Pursuit Creative LLC (“UP”), provides all account holders the opportunity to participate in its gatherings through live web-streaming via (the “Site”), and the additional feature of video-on-demand (“Video Archives”) for all paid subscriptions. It is our privilege to take what is happening in our city into the world, from our home to yours.

Many of the recorded moments are unwritten, unplanned, spontaneous expressions of song and instrumentation (the “Spontaneous Songs”), others are written songs (the “Written Songs”) owned by either UP or another publisher (the “Copyright Owner”). In effort to help you abide by the copyright laws, the undermentioned terms and conditions (“Terms of Service”) are intended to help you do what is right. We encourage the use of the music in your live gatherings, solely under the undermentioned Terms of Service.

Please read the following Terms of Service carefully. These Terms of Service govern your access to and use of the Site, including any content, information, products, or services therein. These Terms of Service are a legal agreement between you and UP and apply to all account holders.

In visiting, interacting or participating with UP, you understand the aforementioned, Terms of Service, and that all related digital content are the sole intellectual properties of UP.


Spontaneous Songs

  • We encourage the use of the Spontaneous Songs in your gatherings.
  • If your gatherings provide public access through live-streaming, or any other digital delivery, you shall not use said Spontaneous Songs until copyright permissions are granted (“Licensing”) by UP, its representatives, agents, or assignees.
  • All Licensing inquires must be submitted to UP, and is subject to its approval.
  • You shall not monetize the Spontaneous Songs, in any way, until UP constitutes said work as a song and Licensing is granted.
  • If you wish to record any of the Spontaneous Songs, Licensing must be granted by UP or its representatives.

Written Songs

  • We encourage the use of the Written Songs in your gatherings. Likewise, we encourage your organization to obtain appropriate licensing through CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing, Inc.) for worship services, and ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC for non-worship gatherings in which music is publicly performed.
  • The contemplated uses (manufacturing, reproduction, transmission, distribution, or sale) of the Written Songs must be submitted to the appropriate Publisher.

Video Archives

  • The Video Archives are freely available and provided as-is, without warranty or promise of compatibility with your device or system
  • UP reserves the right to curate, add, remove and otherwise control the content library displayed and contained on
  • You shall not copy, record, or use any of the videos for any other purpose than viewing.

Monthly EP

  • Only Monthly EP subscribers will have access to the Monthly EP.
  • You shall not, without limitation, copy, reproduce, transmit, distribute, or sale the Monthly EP without obtaining the appropriate Licensing.