All previous UP Live Prime & Pro Subscriptions have ended. Transfer your account to continue receiving monthly eps

 We are inviting all current UP Live users to move their account to the new subscription before Sept 30th. All accounts that have not moved over will be canceled and any remaining time will be prorated back to your account.


Here's what will happen when you move your account:

  • 😻  You will be able to access all the same music and videos that you currently can as a Prime or Pro member
  • 📬  You will receive this month's EP today, and a new one each month you are subscribed
  •  🎶  You will have streaming access to all previous EPs, now powered by Soundcloud (works great on mobile)
  • 📽  You will still have access to the full live stream library because all of the videos are now free for everyone
  • 💰  We have already closed down your current UP Live account and have automatically refunded you a prorated amount on any remaining days you had in your billing cycle

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