Changes to the monthly EP


Tue, Nov 13, 2018, 3:53 PM

To our dear Monthly EP users,

Four and half years ago we started sending out monthly EPs. We’ve almost crossed the 50th volume milestone and it’s made us look back at all the good that has come out of these releases. The feedback from our online community has been tremendous and inspiring, it is largely what kept us on such a roll for all these years.

As an artist the one hope you can have is that there are people out there willing to stop for a moment and give your work any level of attention. We have been honored to host so many ears.

Another challenge an artist faces is finding the balance of both healthy pressure and creative inspiration to keep making things. We’ve been looking at our release rhythm more carefully lately and have come to the simple conclusion that we need to slow down slightly.

The 50 volumes of Monthly EPs represent a deep catalog of material that we are proud of and feel still holds much value for our listeners. We are excited and committed to continue providing not only access to this catalog but also the promise that we will continue to add to it when we are bursting with something new to share.

Letting ourselves off the hook to no longer be required to release something every month feels like an important step in continuing to release meaningful, relevant and timely material. We want our passion and excitement to lead our releases and that is the only reason we would slow down; to better focus our efforts and give deep attention to what we are cultivating and creating through our worship gatherings.

As it pertains to the current subscription, we feel that the $4/mo is still well worth the access to all of the back catalog as well as future releases that we publish through the Monthly EP platform and the ever evolving iOS App.

We don’t take for granted that every single one of you will agree with us. And that is perfectly okay! We release any subscriber who wishes to close their account to do so by simple replying to this email and letting us know. No hard feelings, we will cancel your subscription in love and thankfulness for your support.

These changes will take effect at the end of the current year. We will continue to release monthly EPs in November and December. Keeping our promise and providing plenty of time to close your account if you desire. We will then move to a more infrequent/spontaneous release cycle, where we will send out freebies and new music as we feel led.

We hope you will stay with us, see the value of the back catalog, while knowing our commitment to this project (evidenced through things like the new iOS app we just released this week and continued additions to the song library).

If you have not felt welcome before, I will say it again, please reach out with your thoughts, feedback and comments!


Michael, Nathan, Will and the entire team at United Pursuit