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Can't say we planned it, because dreams are hard to arrange. But we imagined away... a community of friends living life and loving Jesus together. We bought a house (named the Banks House) in a run down neighborhood and filled it with guys, guitars, and recording gear. We attempted to cook in our mustard yellow kitchen, ate meals on musty thrift store couches, and saw our living room filled with hearts beating as one after Jesus. In the place of God's presence, our heart's cry became songs, and we decided to push record.

5 years later, what once was a simple community has grown into one big family. We all got married, which is the best thing ever. We also met others along the way in various cities with the same beating heart. So we grew beyond Knoxville. A community is unified by what it does together or its weekly meetings, but a family is strong because of their love for one another. We're choosing the latter. We don't pretend it's always been easy, but the fruit that grows tastes so sweet.

To you, the name United Pursuit might only mean worship songs you've heard at church. And we do write songs, so that makes sense. But we feel its time to tell our story; of choosing community and the process of growing into a family. A story about a group of friends choosing to do life together instead of alone. This site is just an introduction to who we are and where we hope to go. The future is knocking on our door. And your door. The future needs you...