We are not taking venue submissions at this time

Please read the listed specs before submitting a venue, we will do our best to reply if we think there's a good fit!


Here's what we're going for visually:


Most of these specifications are vital to creating the atmosphere we're going for on this tour, please submit venues with consideration to the following: 

  • Capacity: 400 - 1000 standing room only
  • Near downtown/city center is best- we'll sometimes go up to 20 minutes out of town for a killer venue 
  • High ceilings (12' minimum)
  • Urban brick/cement interior or older church's (without pews only)
  • Room must be suitable for setting up in the round (band in the center of the room, people around us)
  • Hard wood floors are preferred, not required, please let us know what type of floor is in the venue
  • (Optional but perfered): 5-7mbps upload speed internet connection for live stream

Logistical notes: 

  • We travel with our own sound system so all we need is a space and power outlets 
  • We do have a budget for venues, if there is cost involved, that's no reason not to submit, send them our way!


Examples of venues we love to be in:

  • Convention center Ball Rooms
  • Urban warehouses
  • Large open co-working or multi-use spaces
  • Wedding venues that feel similar to these
  • Standing room only music halls and venues