We hoped this would happen. Can't say we planned it, because dreams are hard to arrange. But we imagined anyway... a community of friends living life and loving Jesus together. In 2006 we bought a house (named the Banks House) in a run down neighborhood and filled it with guys, guitars, and recording gear. We attempted to cook in our mustard yellow kitchen, ate meals on musty thrift store couches, and saw our living room filled with hearts beating as one after Jesus.

The yellow kitchen and thrift store couches are thankfully now gone. But out of that season formed a community of songwriters and musicians that lives on today. You could say we’re a band, collective, or whatever, but the point is we’re friends who love worshiping our Creator together. Family feels like a better word. And we don’t throw that phrase around casually. It’s truly been the sweetest part of the journey so far.