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Oct 5 – 8, 2017

Bon Aqua, TN

Located on a gorgeous farm just 45 minutes west of Nashville, TN





Reunion 2017 is going to be a delicious taste of God's kingdom. We'll be gathering as family to relish His goodness in a setting like no other. Expect music, prayer, workshops, late-night campfires, and the fellowship of friends, old and new. Come as you are. Leave encouraged.


Too many people to name, really. The United Pursuit community is hosting this 4-day spiritual retreat with the help of many of our friends, peers, and spiritual parents. Trust us. You’ll love everyone. And who doesn't love a good surprise? 


We belong to a compassionate Father. The gospel illustrates the ultimate family reunion--despite our rebellion, each of us is forever welcomed home. We invite you to celebrate this good news with us at home in Tennessee. We're family, after all. 

How Much?

Prices vary depending on when you purchase. See prices below. 

  • General Admission Ticket
  • $ 209*
  • Tent Campsite
  • 4 day pass
  • Access to running water & hot showers
  • *Ticket sales end October 5th
  • Buy now

We're looking for volunteers to help make Reunion happen. In exchange for rolling up your sleeves, volunteer tickets will be discounted to $50. Tickets are available on our Eventbrite ticketing page



Thursday, October 5th
2pm - Check In Open! 
5pm - Dinner (Food trucks available)   
8pm - Main Session
10pm - Extended Worship
11pm - Campfires... 

Friday, October 6th
8am - Morning Devotion
10am  - Main Session
12pm - Lunch (Food trucks available)   
2pm - Breakout Sessions A
4pm - Breakout Sessions B
6pm -  Dinner (Food trucks available) 
8pm - Main Session
10pm - Extended Worship
11pm - Campfires... 

Saturday, October 7th
8am - Morning Devotion
10am  - Main Session
12pm - Lunch (Food trucks available)   
2pm - Breakout Sessions A
4pm - Breakout Sessions B
6pm -  Dinner (Food trucks available) 
8pm - Main Session
10pm - Extended Worship
11pm - Campfires... 

Sunday, October 8th
8am - Morning Devotion
10am  - Main Session
1pm - Lunch (Food trucks available)   
2pm - Pack up camp
4pm - Say goodbyes... 

* Schedule subject to change. Also, this is a general overview only. Way more details to come, including breakout session topics, documentary film screening, additional worship times, etc. 




Esther Vuong
Lives in Cedar Falls, Iowa and absolutely love plants, graphic design & watercolors.

Describe Reunion 2016 in Three Words...

"Refreshing, beautiful, unforgettable...It was a breath of fresh air. 
It was a time where we had a chance to take a breath & realize that God has created so much beauty around us."

Because of my time at Reunion...
"I want to purposely seek out all the beauty God has created in this world. Reunion allowed me to take a breath & be free from distractions for a weekend. I had no emails, no texts, no phone calls, no updates on the next sale at Target...it was just me, nature, some pretty neat humans & UP. I had a chance to see that His beauty is EVERYWHERE. The most beautiful? The want & need to know God more and more. 
The thirst, the hunger for God...At Reunion, I realized that in the chaos, He is there but also in the good times, He is there. God is everywhere. He is with me when I am stressed at work because I pretend I know what I'm doing. He is with me when I am
driving down the road to chase a beautiful Iowa sunset. He is with me always and the
best part? He will never leave me."  




“What's the farm like?”
Glad you asked. Because of some incredibly kind people, we've been given access to Johnny Cash's former hideaway. It’s absolutely stunning! Cash spent much of his time on this farm when he wasn't on the road. It was his spiritual retreat and his family is kindly sharing it with us all. Picture rolling hills, large trees, open pastures, and quiet streams.
"Where will I sleep?" 
Because the property is remote, we think the best experience will be tent camping—not only for practical reasons, but also to maximize fellowship and community building. We'll provide the necessary amenities: pay-as-you-go hot showers, clean toilets, cooking areas, and running water. Bring a tent, a sleeping bag, and whatever else you need to make it a fun and comfortable weekend.

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Oct 5 – 8, 2017

Bon Aqua, TN

Located on a gorgeous farm just 45 minutes west of Nashville, TN



Check In

Main check in time is between 2pm and 6pm Thursday, Oct. 5th.

Please bring your tickets printed out or loaded on your phone + your photo ID. 

IMPORTANT - the gate to the farm opens at 2pm sharp. You CANNOT get access to the farm early. We’ll send more detailed instructions a few days before.

"What if I arrive past 6pm on Thursday?”  

Don’t worry. Our security team will inform us of anyone showing up late, and someone from our team will come over to check you in. 


We highly recommend you bring your own food to mix in with food truck food, as the lines could be quite long if everyone relied on food trucks 100% of the time. For anyone concerned with food allergies, check the food truck menus or reach out to them directly. 

food truck schedule

Subject to Change

Thursday Evening

Friday Breakfast

Friday Lunch

Friday Dinner

Saturday Breakfast

Saturday Lunch

Saturday Dinner

Sunday Breakfast

Sunday Lunch


  • HOT showers
  • Toilets near the campsites.
  • Multiple fire pits scattered across the farm. 
  • 3 kitchen prep areas (charcoal grill, food prep tables, sinks for washing dishes)  
  • Ice truck
  • Filtered drinking water 
  • Hangout Tent Lounge 


  • Tent (waterproof) 
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Sleeping Mat
  • Flashlight
  • Sunscreen
  • Water containers (we have a filtered water supply ) 
  • Cooler (we have an ice truck w/ 2,000 lbs of ice, first come / first serve) 
  • Your Own Food (see below) 
  • Cooking Supplies (see below) 
  • Camp Dinnerware (plates, cups, etc)  
  • Blanket and/or camp chairs for sitting during the main sessions (important!)   
  • Cash or credit/debit card for food trucks
  • Sweatshirt/ jacket (can get cold at night/early morning) 
  • Pillow
  • Towel
  • Shampoo, soap, shower supplies
    toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Sunglasses  


  • Glass
  • Weapons
  • Aerial Drones
  • Pets


  • Shade tent
  • Tarp (for under your tent to block moisture or rain)
  • Lantern, headlamp
  • Pocket knife
  • Bug spray
  • Raincoat, boots (Just in case) 
  • Hat
  • Battery operated fan
  • Cell phone battery pack
  • Instrument
  • Smores :) 
  • Frisbee 

Cooking Equipment Nice to Haves

  • Cooler (ice truck on site) 
  • Cast Iron Skillet (for cooking over coals) 
  • Tin Foil
  • Camping gas stove for boiling water & general cooking (Jet Boil, Colman stove) 
  • Knifes, Forks, Spoons
  • Paper towels
  • Plates  
  • Trash bags
  • Seasonings
  • Instant Oatmeal
  • Granola bars
  • Eggs
  • Fruit
  • Trail Mix
  • Hot dog skewers

Event LocatioN

Download Site Map

Storytellers Hideaway Farm

9347 Old Highway 46 Bon Aqua, TN 37025

Once you get close, you’ll see a few Reunion signs guiding you all the way there

Tent Only Campsites

Tent sites are in an open field, first come, first serve. If you are coming in a group and would like to camp directly together, we encourage you to check in on the earlier side to claim your spot. Tent site size is 10 x 25ft…more than enough room. Also, no tree hammocks. Trees are too far away from tent area.

Be prepared to haul your camping equipment a few hundred yards from the parking area to the tent field.

Drive-up Campsites 

If you paid an extra $30 for a drive-up campsite pass, you’ll be driving your car into a separate field and setting up your tent directly beside your vehicle.. 

Glamping Tents 

If you upgraded to a fancy clamping tent, you’ll be parking less than 100 yards away from your tent. It will be waiting for you, all set up! 

Coffee + Juice

We’ve got Honest Coffee +  Franklin Juice with us the whole weekend! Bring your own coffee too if you want to avoid lines in the peak coffee hours:) 

Food Prep Areas

We will provide 3 different food prep areas beside the tent area, each with a charcoal grill, fire-pit, large prep table, & sink for washing dishes. We’ll provide the coals, you bring the meats & cooking utensils. We also have filtered water & ice for you.

Last minute supplies

There’s a Walmart 15 minutes away from the farm in Dickson, TN

175 Beasley Drive, Dickson, TN 37055

attendee survey

Survey Over Here

For those that fill it out, we'll enter your name in a drawing for a $50 merch gift card at Reunion. It really helps us as event planners to learn a bit more info about you before you come. 

CHild release form

Parental Release Form

If you are bringing kids 12 and under, please you print, sign, and email us the signed parental release form.

schedule + sessions

Download PDF

Break out sessions

We’ve spent months prayerfully working on what topics we'll cover and who will be leading these discussions. I’m excited to say we locked the schedule today! Here’s the schedule in advance so you can take time to think about how you’ll plan your weekend

For me, the heart & soul of Reunion are the breakout sessions on Friday & Saturday afternoon. These sessions create space for everyone to split up into smaller groups based on shared interests, go deeper, and make it easy to meet new people. 



2:00 pm

500 Years Later: Is the Next Church Reformation Here? - w/ Bruxy Cavey
It's been 500 years since Martin Luther's 95 theses and the resulting church reformation. Join Canadian pastor & author Bruxy Cavey as he hosts a conversation on what he sees is primed for change and reform in Christianity. Bring your questions for Q/A at the end!

Hard Conversations On Softcore Racism - w/ Art Hooker, Jonathan Martin & more
When Jesus sent his followers out into the world, he sent them to disciple the nations, not colonize them; but to serve them and not to try influence hem from a position of superiority. However, the history of Christianity is stained with a form of spiritual colonization, which results in a “softcore” racism. This isn't expressed through vulgarity and brutality, but the inability to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. In this session, thought-leaders Art Hooker & Jonathan Martin will address the subtle power of white privilege as principality.

Beyond the Formula: Songwriting Q/A - w/ Will Reagan, Brock Human & more
Join songwriters Will Reagan, Brock Human, and more as they host a conversation based on their experiences as songwriters, both for the Church & for our broader culture.

Architects of Hope: A Counter-Cultural Approach to Making Art- w/ Stephen Roach
Artists throughout history have been sold the lie that depression and despair are the primary catalysts for creativity. In this workshop, Stephen will share from scripture and personal experience, how artists of faith can offer hope to our communities through creative works and counter-cultural approaches to life and art.

The Art of Freelancing- w/ Austin Church
Running a freelancing business is hard. You have to find your own customers. You have to pay your own taxes and healthcare costs. And how does following Jesus come into play?  Entrepreneur and writer Austin Church has good news to share. "We can be more successful as freelancers because we have the best possible business partner: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. So let's talk about how to build a profitable business that you love. I'll share what has worked for me over the last nine years and what hasn't. There will be stories. There might be dad jokes. Regardless, I'd love to help you get some clarity about where you and God can take your freelancing business next." - Austin


3:30 pm

Our Adoption Story - w/ Michael Ketterer
The Kingdom of God at its core is family; a great and loving father and all his adopted sons and daughters..."My wife and I set out on our own journey of adoption 6 years ago. We have a beautiful and diverse family of 8. With each new child I have come to gain a greater revelation of our Heavenly Fathers heart for us. With many comical and heartwarming stories I am excited to share our family with you."

Love, Sex and the Fullness of Life - w/ Aaron Keyes
"I used to think that passion was the height--and goal--of love. That’s what most young people think, I imagine. We need intensity, we need zeal, we need fervency! None of that’s bad. It’s just not even remotely biblical. It’s even less attainable. (Not to mention that it’s altogether unsustainable.) I’m nearly 40 now. I’ve spent two decades hoping to make people feel passion for something they didn’t actually love. I’m done with that now. I’d rather help people actually love than momentarily feel...with their real lives, not just with their church lives. It's a lot harder. It goes a lot slower. It takes a lot longer, but the end result is a life that’s a lot fuller, deeper, and more beautiful." - Aaron Keyes.

Finding Your Way: Navigating Life's Challenging Decisions - w/ Jeff Fray
Most important decisions in life are rife with ambiguity and uncertainty... still a choice must be made. Join psychologist Jeff Fray as he explores aids to navigating hard decisions.

The Power of Community in Tackling Homelessness - w/ David Herrmann
Join Los Angeles homeless activist David Herrmann as he leads a conversation on what is looks like for Christians to tackle the issue homelessness, one person at a time. 

Common Hymnal Meetup - w/ Malcolm du Plessis & more
On Friday morning, you'll will hear Malcolm share about developing "Common Hymnal" as the songbook of the movement in which the priesthood of believers in highly valued. Want to ask questions? Want to meet other songwriters onsite? Want to sign up to be involved? Come spend an hour with the Common Hymnal crew.



2:00 pm

From Community to Family: United Pursuit's Story - w/ Will, Brock & Nathan
The things most valuable things in life take time. Join Will, Brock, & Nathan as they tell their decade long story of friendship, community, and ultimately the unlikely family they found along the way.

Makers and Mystics: On the Intersections Of Faith And Art - w/ Stephen Roach
In this seminar, poet-musician Stephen Roach will discuss the relationship between faith and art. Utilizing stories and scriptural examples, Stephen will explain why creativity is an essential quality to life in the Spirit. Come learn how we may more fully engage our own creativity as an expression of devotion and cultural transformation.

Finding God In The Pain - w/ Christa Black Gifford
Christa has experienced agonizing levels of pain. And she believes that no one should ever experience pain alone. But after years of dealing with heart-pain incorrectly (by trying to hide it, numb it, quote scripture at it, or ignore it), she discovered that pain doesn’t go away with time, religion, striving, or denial. All inner pain must be faced, embraced, and surrendered into an experience with Love. 

Shame: From Barrier to Bridge- w/ Heart of Man Film Composer Tony Anderson
We will be screening a film called the Heart of Man on Friday night. It's a powerful story inviting the sons and daughters of God to leave behind our broken, moralistic and religious way of thinking and relating to God and to others. The film poses the question, what if shame weren't a barrier to God, but a bridge? Join this session to dive deeper into the themes of the documentary, with the discussion lead by the film's music composer Tony Anderson.

Treasure Hunting: Finding Beauty in the Nations- w/ David Brymer, Jessie Tait & more
Christianity is in decline in the west, yet exploding in the developing world. Still, we feel compelled to export our resources and know how, and are missing out on the opportunity to gleam from the genius of God in the nations. In this session, David Brymer and Jessie Tait will cast a vision for the decolonization of the church. They will tell stories, and envision producers, journalists, engineers and videographers who want to help discover undiscovered kingdom treasure from the nations.


3:30 pm

Elevating the Conversation - w/ Jonathan Martin
In an age of social media news feeds that are more like echo chambers, pastor and activist Jonathan Martin paints an alternative: elevating a conversation out of black and white, us vs. them type of thinking.

Roots And Leaves - w/ Mykell Wilson
Mykell Wilson has been on a wild ride. He's toured the world, dancing for Justin Bieber, Prince, Gnarls Barkely, and more. Join him as he shares stories of pursuing his career and Jesus, not as separate things, but as one. "To be one of bold faith while working in the entertainment industry has been interesting to say the least. In this session, I will share my testimony and what I've learned along the way. - Mykell 

Restoring the Earth - w/ Issac Gill
Recycling, Organic, Sustainability, Green Living, Global Warming- what's the big deal? Join Isaac Gill, a local Nashville musician, as he shares about his experience in farming, food distribution, and more, and he invites you into a discussion about our role in bringing Restoration in real and tangible ways to our habitat.

Practical Community Living - w/ Melody & Spencer Ratliff
The Banks House didn't end with an album. Join Melody & Spencer Ratliff, current tenants of the house, as they help pull the often abstract and cliche word "community" out of the clouds and back to earth. They'll share their successes, failures, and accumulated core values over the years. "Our aim is to give you real practical tools for forming community where you are." - Melody 

One Leg, One Arm, and the Disabled Body of Christ - w/ Aaron Keyes
"The Apostle Paul told Timothy that he would "not allow a woman to preach or exercise authority over a man” (1 Tim. 2:12). This one verse has stunted 50% of the body of Christ by disqualifying them from leadership in ministry. Because of their gender. Denominations have split over it. Semantics run wild. Famous women preachers who do preach to men say it works because "they’re under the authority of their husband” (whose names we've never heard, and who are often a thousand miles away). What are we to do with this? Was Paul a chauvinist? Certainly plenty of leaders are, but--was Jesus? Is God? Maybe if we look closely into the context of scripture we’ll see behind what Paul was saying, and be surprised by what it might mean." - Aaron Keys


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