Mystery Album: FOUND

You may have noticed a new album pop up on our Spotify or Apple Music artist profile.. So we thought we'd ask, wondering where the new mystery album "Found" came from?

Some of you already know this but Found was a project we released in 2011 under the artist name "Iris Ministries / United Pursuit" for that reason it was difficult to find (no pun intended) and had a very small circulation with our listeners. Those who did find it shared their love for it and convinced us to finally re-release it under our regular artist name. Although this is not NEW music, it has found a new audience. We hope you enjoy it!

Garden Lyric Videos (collection)

Video 8 of 9 – We're putting together 9 unique lyric videos to accompany the release of Garden, our new album available now

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Since there are many videos coming out, we'll collect them all here in one place and update this post to make sure you can find them all. 

Michael Ketterer Gets Golden Buzzer on America's Got Talent

We're excited to share this video of Michael Ketterer on America's Got Talent! So proud of you Michael! 

From AGT: 

"The pediatric mental health nurse from East Tennessee currently resides in Orange County, CA with his wife and six kids. Watch his dreams come true as Simon Cowell gives him the golden buzzer." – AGT YouTube Channel

Live in Baltimore

Last November we gathered in Baltimore, MD to shoot a series of live videos for Will’s record Tell All My Friends. We felt like these videos where an important way to express the energy we experienced over the last several tours while playing these songs. We also introduced a previously unreleased song, You Are My Joy. Scroll down for all 4 videos we shot.

"Not In a Hurry" from Tell All My Friends during our live session in Baltimore

"Feeling Low" from Tell All My Friends during our live session in Baltimore

"Need You More" from Tell All My Friends during our live session in Baltimore

Previously unreleased, this is You Are My Joy. The fourth and final video from the Baltimore series. Goodnight!

New Project Coming June 22


Today we released the first single "LOVE" off an upcoming record (title to be announced soon) which features 9 new tracks from Andrea Marie, Brock Human and Will Reagan. Each track will be accompanied by an original lyric video, produced by our team at York House in LA

With this we leave you with a short vision for this project: 

"Each track becomes a simple invitation to look. A one word prayer to draw your gaze. Not just a passive act of simply observing but a call to recognize and appreciate the depth of this moment. The one thing we share with all of creation and Christ: an eternal now. Our hope is that each song becomes a doorway to an effortless contemplation, a meditation and a reminder of your irrevocable belonging"

– United Pursuit

Love (feat. Brock Human)

“A merely external practice of silence and enclosure will never do anything by itself to guarantee the inner transformation of consciousness which the contemplative life requires.  We have to reexamine all our practices with a serious willingness to admit that our present conceptions may simply be inadequate. They need to be made much deeper and much more alive – and perhaps given an entirely new perspective.  In this way we will show ourselves truly alert to the new needs of a new generation, aware that in this alertness we are being open to grace, obedient to the love of the Holy Spirit…” Thomas Merton, Contemplation