Sept 30th–Oct 2nd, 2016

Bon Aqua, TN

Located on a gorgeous farm just 45 min outside of Nashville, TN




Reunion 2016 is a community spiritual retreat on a farm just outside Nashville, TN. Together, we’re setting aside one weekend to listen to each other and our Father. To find encouragement. To embrace vulnerability. To push back against cynicism. To receive wisdom & challenge from our elders. 




The United Pursuit community is hosting this retreat. We’re inviting many of our friends, peers and spiritual parents to help facilitate the weekend. Trust us. You’ll love everyone.





We all need more courage. To do the hard things, the scary things, the risk-filled things of a life pursuing Jesus. We’ve found that together, courage grows. So we’re gathering this Fall to do just that – TO FIND COURAGE TOGETHER. 


How Much?

Early Bird tickets: $99 (first 100)

General Admission: $129-$159 (350 spots)

so Sorry! reunion 2016 is sold out

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“What's the farm like?”
Glad you asked. Because of some incredibly kind people, we've been given access to Johnny Cash's Former Hideaway ... it’s absolutely stunning! Cash spent much of his time, when he wasn't on the road, on this farm. It was his spiritual retreat, and his family is kindly sharing it with us. Picture rolling hills, large trees, open pastures, and quiet streams. 
"Where will I sleep?" 
Because of the remoteness of this farm, and our goal of cross-pollinating communities, we think the best experience will be tent camping. Not only for practical reasons, but also to maximize community-building. We'll provide hot showers, clean toilets, cooking areas. All you need is a tent, sleeping bag, and whatever else you need to make it a fun & comfortable weekend.
"I’m not the biggest fan of camping...can I still come and sleep at a hotel?"
Yes you can :) There are a few hotels within a 10 - 15 minute drive, near Dickson, TN.  
"Can children come? Will there be a price break?" 
Yes! We only ask that parents fill out a parental supervision waiver at least 10 days before the event, per the request of our hosts. As for family discounts, children under 12 are free.  
"Who will be leading worship, speaking, etc? 
The whole UP community will be leading & sharing throughout the weekend, along with a bunch of our good friends, spiritual parents, and mentors. We could name some names...naw, you should just come & be surprised later :) 

“What about food?”
We will have a selection of foods trucks on site – for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and hot and cold drinks, reasonably priced. You are welcome to bring your own food as well. 
“When does the retreat start & end?” 
You are free to arrive anytime after 12pm on Friday, September 30th to set up camp, relax, get to know your tent neighbors. Our first gathering will be that evening. The weekend will officially end after lunch on Sunday, October 2nd, although you are free to hang out through the afternoon. 

"So, what exactly will we do?" 
Eat some scrumptious meals from food trucks, extended worship times in the open air, experience blow-your-mind teaching from our spiritual parents, late night campfire get the idea. 
"Why isn't it free?" 
Well, turns out these kinds of things are expensive to run. Renting the farm, tents, porta-potties, showers, tables, chairs, speakers, isn't cheap. We're charging just enough money to hopefully break even so we can do this again next year! 
"How many people will be there?"
About 500 people. 

“Is this a music festival?” 
Kinda. It’s a hybrid spiritual retreat-meets-small music festival. There will definitely be music & worship throughout the weekend, but a good bit of them time will be dedicated to learning, stories, conversation, & eating together. 

“Are animals allowed?”
NO. Only guide dogs are permitted for anyone who is registered blind. Please ensure you email us to inform us that you will require your dog on site.
“How should I prepare for weather?”
Statistically, this is the driest time of the year, with highs in the mid 70’s & lows in the mid 50’s, perfect for camping. But to be safe, check the weather forecast before you depart on the Friday, and pack an umbrella, a raincoat and boots, if needed.

“Can I bring my own BBQ?”
No disposable BBQs or portable fire pits will be allowed. Proper BBQs with legs and covers (suspended off the ground) are permitted. There will be designated fire pits around the site for toasting ‘smores, spontaneous songwriter-in-the-round sessions, having late night drinks.
“Will there be onsite parking?”
Yes! There is plenty of free parking onsite. Knowing that the farm is situated on a small two-lane road and congestion could be an issue, we suggest that you try to arrive a little early (or exercise a degree of patience).
“Can we bring our own alcohol?”
21+ are welcome to bring alcohol, we just ask for “responsible drinking”. Anyone who drinks irresponsibly may be removed from site.